Is this part of the riser safe to use?

Miner8472Miner8472 Member Posts: 109
I recently bought a PCIE 1X Riser.

I have posted images of it here.

it has like residue on it in the centre, will it be safe to use? I am being extra cautious as these components are important and unusual components.


  • mjmeansmjmeans Member Posts: 65
    I have hand assembled hundreds of circuit boards. It looks as though the through hole part was hand soldered. This could have been because the through hole part was not wave soldered in the first place, or maybe there was a cold solder joint found during visual inspection and taken to a rework station.

    The residue appears to be solder flux which is a heat activated mild acid. Over time, if it remains on the card, it will degrade the solder mask and affect the card. But it would normally take years for that to happen. It should be safe to use as is.

    But if you want to remove it, then if the solder flux was water soluble then you can just rinse it off with filtered water and a mild detergent and a soft brush. Then shake off excess water and let it air dry over night so that it is completely dry before use. If you are in a humid environment (>60%) then you may want a fan blowing on it. You can also use a hair dryer set on warm (rather than hot). Anyway, it should be completely dry before you use it. If the solder flux doesn't rinse off with water, then you will have to buy some solder flux remover to dissolve the residue. And then wash the board with mild detergent (not soap) and water and dry it. Solder flux remover is usually a mixture of some special alcohols and a detergent designed to dissolve the flux. Ethanol or methanol usually won't work, and paint thinner or nail polish remover might damage the circuit board coating. So don't use those. If water and a mild detergent by itself doesn't work, then buy flux remover of leave the flux on the board.
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    Ok thank you I will probably use the card and doubt I will be using it in several years anyway. The manufacturer has said that it was from something that was attached to the card "EVA".

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