Need help please. Error: Invalid search string when trying to check status on

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Hi :)

I really hope someone can help me out here. I just built my first 6 gpu rig and it's running fantastic. I'm at 190.7 hash!

Now I'm a new, but I'm also a system engineer, so I'm technically inclined :)

I configured my local.conf using and When I do an update in pool info, it shows both proxy pools and underneat that, is shows I'm assuming that's telling me that's the pool I'm connected to.

I've been mining for 2 hours now and I wanted to change some settings on ehtermine, but when I put in my public IP address, it comes back with "Error: Invalid search string provided!".

So now I'm worried that I'm mining and there's an issue where I'm not getting the credit for it.

I'm 100% positive I used my public IP address and have checked it several times over the past hour getting the same results.

So my questions are:

1. Has anyone seen this error before? I did some googling and they said at this hash rate, I should see stats in a few minutes. So any ideas?
2. When I do a "show miner" I see mining on PoWhash with address, hash rate, etc... and then occasionally see "Solution found; Submitting to . The loopback address has me concerned something is not right in my config. Is this normal or does it point to something configured wrong?
3. Then after that I see "B-) Submitted and accepted." Then "Getting work package..." and then "Got work package..." which sorta tells me that I am connecting to ethermine.

I'm really confused here :) Hopefully someone can enlighten me a bit as to what may be going on.

Thank you in advance for your time and help!


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