Looking For Developer (Dallas preferred or remote)

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I am seeking a developer that can take our concept and bring it to life. Must have excellent references and verifiable skill set. Since I am not technical I cannot precisely define our needs, but here is a very simple rough explanation of what we are trying to do.

1. Create a DAO (I think) that can operate is an independent organization and maintain the working protocols of the entity.
2. Develop the contracts or other elements required to carry out the processes of the DAO
3. One process should allow individuals to submit content
4. Then the content will be posted for examination by others who vote on submitted content. Votes should be transparent and auditable.
5. Content receiving the highest vote for a specified timeframe earns ETH which is automatically paid out by the DAO via governing protocols

I know that is not a great scope but hopefully it provides a high level concept that makes sense. A very detailed explanation will be provided to candidates who can demonstrate their qualifications.


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