CryptoesCryptoes Member Posts: 2
Hello Everyone,

Im an entrepreneur who is excited about ethereum (etherpreneur). Im looking to start and invest in Ethereum related start ups and businesses. If you looking for an investor, or maybe you simply have ethereum Domains for sale, or would like to talk about ideas, message me.

Thank you


  • darkmatterdarkmatter Member Posts: 12 mod
    Hi Cryptoes, what is your background in? Do you have any particular interests within the DAPP ecosystem?
  • GeorgeHallamGeorgeHallam Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 229 admin
    Hi Cryptoes, add me on Skype (george_hallam) and we'll get you into all the appropriate Skype groups to meet some interesting projects!
  • steveraffnersteveraffner Member Posts: 3
    I am an entrepreur too - would like to develop - contribute to projects too (with entrepreneur, innovation and user experience skills)
  • lexx1155lexx1155 Member Posts: 2
    We are looking for investors, )
  • Maverick007Maverick007 Member Posts: 2
    Hi guys, I am looking for a developer/front man for my ethereum projects. Your role would be CTO and of course would have shares and a salary. We are in the process of getting funded so no work will be required until we get to that stage but right now we are trying to determine who to partner with. This could be an opportunity to get your project funded as well as we have contacts on Wall St. who are looking at putting money in with us. Thanks in advance.
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