Coins stolen, help.

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briefly speaking all my ETH coins were stolen.
I created my wallet on Windows 10 using geth. Then I deleted my keystore file and ONLY uploaded it to my MEGA cloud (with is encrypted). Since then I haven't ever used my wallet on my Windows 10 machine again. I started mining into this wallet and checked balance using
I once downloaded the Android App WALLETH from F-Droid ( It required my keystore file and private key in order to import my wallet. I generously gave it both but didn't like the app. Then I forgot about it.
Yesterday I checked balance again and boom. All my ETH have been transfered to another adress, which then have been transfered to yet another adress.

Now there's some options in my opinion:
1: The creator of WALLETH took my coins. (I doubt this one)
2: Someone hacked the WALLETH server and took my keystore file and private key (do they even get stored there? Honestly I'd be surprised)
3: My phone (OnePlus 3T) was hacked (trojan etc.) and my keystore file and private key were stolen. However my phone is running the very latest Android 7.1, its not rooted and doesn't have a custom recovery either. It also has a virus scanner installed for any case.
4: My Windows 10 machine was compromised and my keystore file and private key were stolen. However I'm running the latest Windows 10 updates and a virus scanner.

My wallet:
First adress my coins went at:
Second adress my coins went at:

Now look at this last url. There are THOUSANDS of transactions towards this adress. And every stolen coin is then sent to Kraken Hot Wallet (for payout I assume).
I honestly don't know what to do at this point. Are there any other affected people who had their coins stolen like this? Mayte to this very same adress?
I might try to get in contact with the WALLETH developers and Kranken.

I know those are only 0.88ETH. Yet it's a lot for a student like me.

Thanks for any help..
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