How to Calculate BTC/GH/DAY

EtherionEtherion Member Posts: 95
I am writing my self an app showing interesting stats about ethereum. As I have a small mining farm( 50GPUS) I noticed that on sites they write BTC/GH/DAY. I thought it should be relatively easy to calculate but I am hitting a brick wall. Clearly due to a gap in my understanding.

I thought that difficulty attempts to keep the block generations fixed. 15-20sec. So using I get the network stats.

So I have :

blockTime Number Current block time of the network

difficulty Number Current difficulty of the network

hashrate Number Current hashrate of the network in H/s

usd Number Current price in USD

btc Number Current price in BTC

So logic said that there should be Ether mined per day = 24h*3600 / difficulty * hashrate *5. as 5 ethers are mined per block?

Converting to BTC is not giving me the numbers I expect.


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