Security in Ethereum

etheruseretheruser Member Posts: 3
Que #1: How does ethereum assures that the transactions are 100% secure? Where does the documentation talks about it's security? How does ethereum make sure that none of its data is compromised from security stand point of view. Please throw some light on this.

Que #2: Is there a way to predict the sequence of transactions?


  • SmithgiftSmithgift Member Posts: 64
    #2: Philosophically speaking, no. A miner can theoretically order transactions by whim. There may be practical ways to do this most of the time, but I would never count on it.

    #1: Others can explain it more/better, but Ethereum's security is essentially the same blockchain model as bitcoin's. While the network cannot prevent a single node from sending corrupt data ("Hey, I'm sending this guy three billion ether") the honest nodes can reject it. ("No, wait, you don't actually have three billion ether.")
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