Gamerbits Limited ICO - Try our Chinese eSports Wallets!

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Hello everyone, this is Xijia Hu of the Gamerbits Marketing Team.

Today we are pleased to announce our live ICO for Gamerbits, our ERC20 Ethereum Token, that we have built many customized Ethereum Wallets, Block Explorers, and encrypted applications for, as we bring this decentralized currency to our local Chinese eSports market, which makes up the majority of the Industry.

We have been working on this technology for over a year, and have proudly migrated our codebase and coin from a Bitcoin / Litecoin instance to our new Ethereum ERC20 token version. We are very happy with the large development community and warm welcomes we have received, when posting technical questions.

We are proud to present our:
- Gamerbits Chinese Ethereum Wallet for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian eSports Olympics
- Gamerbits Core multi-platform Web Wallet v1.0.0
- Gamerbits League, Nintendo and Dota 2 eSports Wallets
- Gamerbits Custom Block Explorer v0.5.0
- Gamerbits / MaidSafe SAFE Network Encrypted Private Key Storage Application

Our multiple Gamerbits Repositories are completely open-source, and our engineers are all advocates of this. We have several teams at the Gamerbits Ltd. Company, from the Wallet Dev Team, the Explorer Dev Team, the Chinese Marketing Team, English Marketing Team, Executives, Foundation Chairs, and advisors including members of MaidSafe Asia and SAFE-FS.

We hope you will read our many materials, including our Whitepaper, information all across our Website, Bitcointalk thread, Gbits Community Forums, MaidSafe's Community Discussion, Cold Storage App Discussion, and of course social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many others, including the major social outlets available only in China.

Feel free to ask us anything, we are here to provide 24/7 support and answers.

ICO Live at


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