Will be old an grey until I have some test ether! haha

Hey folks!

I am playing around with the testnet ropsten ... but I will be old and grey until I mined some test ether... ( I am hashing away with 50 KH/s !!)

Has someone a few test ether laying around to send to me? That would be really appreciated!


Thank you so much!


  • td6778td6778 Member Posts: 11
    I would suggest testing on the Rinkeby network and getting test Ethers from faucet.rinkeby.io. If I can find any Ropsten test Ether I'll send them your way (I'm checking my Mist wallet now, but it needs to sync first).
  • td6778td6778 Member Posts: 11
  • JLGHRJLGHR Member Posts: 11
    total beginner here. rinkeby is the latest version? or what are we talking about haha sorry!

    and thank you very much! Got me started, very much appreciated :)
  • td6778td6778 Member Posts: 11
    We might have the blind leading the blind here, then! Rinkeby, to my knowledge, is just an alternative testnet. I do know that if you were to connect to a testnet via Geth, you'd use the networkid of 3 for Ropsten and 4 for Rinkeby, so that said, I'm prety sure both testnets have been available for quite some time. I also know that there has been a history of spam attacks on Ropsten so that may be why the latest version of Mist defaults to Rinkeby instead of Ropsten, but that's just a guess.
  • td6778td6778 Member Posts: 11
    I was wrong about Mist: "Rinkeby is also set as the default testnet, as it is much lighter to sync.".
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