Does pci-e lanes matter for gpu mining?

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I want to buy a "Pentium E5300" and a "ga-ep43-ud3l" mobo and i have 4×rx480s (connecting them with pci-e risers) will it work?(im concerned about pci-e lanes from cpu)How much ram do i need?
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    4GB should suffice. Lanes will most likely not matter since most people build multi GPU rigs with 6-8 GPUs and use a cheap CPU, thus having only 1 lane anyway and you most likely don't want to buy server CPUs, right? Most people don't.
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    @Cryptocore Every cpu can't support multi gpus as it can disable other cards. I bought a pentium g4400 and it has 16 pci-e lanes whitch means it can support up to 16 gpus using pci-e risers.oops i just answered my self :|
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