just another 14 GPU mining rig



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    Hello there, thank you for your inspiration and nice pics. I have a question in regards to positioning of the GPU's. I have the same setup like in the first picture but left more space in between. is there a more efficient setup? most of the rigs the GPU's are very close to each other and they are all looking into the same direction? do you have any experience what is most efficient? i have 2x8 mining rigs, and i intend to run a third one but therefore i need to "densify" the place. now 1 card is eatin 10cm of space - can i really go that close without heat problems and does positioning makes a difference as explained above?
    thank you!

    PS.: at the moment cards are running between 65-70 °C with 50 to 80% fan speed (i dont know why there are so big differences between same cards) running rx580 8gb pulse cards only......
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