I think I messed up big time

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Alright so I am fairly certain there is not another discussion related to this because it is a very specific situation. I may have been able to piece together what to do after reading many different discussions but I would rather have my question answered specifically in order to understand what happened.
So basically I wanted to move my Ethereum to a new wallet so I downloaded Mist. I was currently using MetaMask. I started to download the blockchain and created a wallet. I copied the address to a notepad for later.
But then I found out that Mist has to download the entire blockchain in order to work. Since my SSD is my default drive it downloads the chaindata to this drive automatically and I do not have enough room on my SSD to store it so I went with using MyEtherWallet instead. So since my SSD was almost completely full I deleted the files Mist created including the keystores folder and everything else. When I went to create my new wallet and send my already existing ethereum. I accidentally pasted the address of the Mist wallet instead of the MyEtherWallet address.

My question is, since I deleted all of the files that mist had started to download have I actually just sent all of my Ethereum into an unreachable address? If this is true, I only lost 0.25 Ethereum but this is all of the Ethereum I have mined since the middle of summer. If someone helps me get it back (I dont believe it can be done at this point) I will be willing to give them some of the lost ethereum ~ 0.05

I am fairly new to cryptocurrency. Is there anyway I can access this address?


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