Proof of Stake and validator reward


i looked at Caspers code( It looks like the reward is added to the deposit and to get the reward you have to withdraw your complete deposit.
Will it be possible in future versions of Casper to send the reward directly to a different account? That would greatly simplify the implementation of an use case i have in mind.



  • AyKayAyKay Member Posts: 2

    here is the description of my use case. I posted it on on reddit/ethdev to get some feedback.

    I would like to create a lottery based on staking. Every participant would stake a certain amount of ether. The staking reward will be transferred to a pool. If the pool is big enough a number will be generated and a winner will be selected. This process should not require any involvement by the participant. An app could be used to inform the winner. The stake should be high enough to generate enough interest but small enough that a lot of people would participate. I thought about a range of 20$-200$. If you stake the maximum you get the complete price else you get only a part. That’s the basic idea. To get things running it should be possible for investors to stake some funds with a different contract. The investor would run his own validation node. The reward would completely go into the prize pool. In return the investor would get a part of the reward generated by the participants pool. If the participants pool significantly outgrows the investors pool the investor could get a higher reward compared to just staking his own funds.
    This would be much simpler if Casper would support partial withdrawal or the withdrawal of the reward separately.
    Is something like that possible or desired?
    Is it a scenario the ethereum developer want to support?
    I like the idea very much. I would love to hear some opinions.
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