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Excuse me i m a true noob to ETH and i really need some help.
Someone stole my laptop with my Mist wallet inside and i would like to recover it in my new laptop.

Unfortunately i ve only got the public adress and the password noted on a piece of paper as i was bulglarized
and "they" stoled also my backup HDD and USB key where was a backup of the wallet.

There's also something strange noted on that piece of paper: a mnemonic phrase ...
I don t know if it belongs to the wallet or something else maybe another wallet
(but as far as i know Mist doesn t work with any mnemonic phrase or something like that and
i don t remember using another wallet than Mist for my ETH)...
From what i understand, i think i'm screwed.

I really loved ETH and the concept, and i've got no more money to invest in.
Please help me (i can reward the person who help me if necessary)
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    Sorry, without the keystore file, there is absolutely no way for you to recover your private key (which is necessary in order to unlock your account, execute transactions, etc.). The password is meaningless without the keystore file. Always back-up your keystore file to multiple locations immediately after creating it. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can open up your keystore file in a text editor and print it out. You would be able to recreate the keystore file from the print-out, if all electronic copies of the file were lost.
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