Mist Wallet Transaction help. Lost funds to unknown address.

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Trying to get advice with this. Really bummed & discouraged with Mist wallet, at this point. This is a summary of what I'm dealing with. A bug? Shady wallet? I appealed to Mist on Github, but they haven't explained any possibilities.

Tried transferring from Mist wallet to Jaxx and it sent to a random address. Don't know what to do, very disappointed in the Mist wallet. Instead of sending to the address of my other wallet, it sent to completely different one. How does this happen? Transaction was to be from 0x5ef47dd109c02c3264f16efa93a2512b48b0e9e4 to 0x649DC0330f27235DCb5835b92711510cB1Ff7e9, but it ended up sending to 0xe16171A65715841DF329a582A5DfFA17f900aC8d and tracing the transaction (0x16644ce4c8dad700252c74d24cc5fb67071d9fc95b50a8a73d736f6e12e3aa38) shows sent to that address."Jun
Account 2 ? 0xe16171A65715841DF329a582A5DfFA17f900aC8d
2 hours ago -9.99474 ETHER " Have no way of requesting or reversing or even figuring out why the address changed to something totally different. Signed up at Etherscape.io to watch that address, try to see if I could contact that address, or anything but no dice. Don't have or know that address, and exactly how that went from sending from 0x5e to 0x649..to an 0xe16..address. . Lost 9.994 ETH. Is this a bug?
Listed the from to address's, transaction #. On OSX Mavericks Mist stopped syncing, so I started a mist wallet on a Windows 10 PC. Works, or thought it did. When I copied pasted my send to address it went through sending, then I noticed I wasn't receiving. The pasted address was my correct "to" one, as I have nothing that even remotely resembles the other address. I don't do my BTC on that PC. Version of Wallet is Win64 0-7-2. Was hoping it was just a transaction # or something, but it's been over an hour, the transaction is closing on 500 confirmations. Just shows my account now empty from the send. Scary. Not sure how to stop, attack chain transaction or attempt to reverse this.Not sure why it would accept and randomize on lack of quote to a totally diff address, though. I see the the TX on Etherscan: and as time passes, it seems lost. With "no error's", I don't get it. I don't trust it. It's a bit disheartening. The to: contract: 0xe16171a65715841df329a582a5dffa17f900ac8d nowhere to be found in the entirety of the W10 root C:\ directory, even when searched "0xe1617". Above was from what looks like a cli, but through the gui it accepted and actually sent, to whom, I don't know.
TxHash: 0x16644ce4c8dad700252c74d24cc5fb67071d9fc95b50a8a73d736f6e12e3aa38
Block Height: 1776253 (819 block confirmations)
TimeStamp : 3 hrs 16 mins ago (6/26/2016 6:14:16 PM)
From: 0x5ef47dd109c02c3264f16efa93a2512b48b0e9e4
To: Contract 0xe16171a65715841df329a582a5dffa17f900ac8d
No errors detected during contract execution
Value: 9.99474 Ether ($137.83)
Gas: 21000
Gas Price: 0.00000002 Ether
Gas Used By Transaction: 21000
Actual Tx Cost/Fee: 0.00042 Ether ($0.01)
Cumulative Gas Used: 320778
Nonce: 2
Input Data: 0x

Still stuck here. Any ideas? I'm going through all the files, keystores, trying to find this address. Keep coming up with nothing. Now, I would understand if sending from main acct 1 would try to default to account 2, but the address for account 2 is certainly not that address. No contract accounts either. If it created a contract account somehow, why would it not show in "my contracts"? Have nothing there.

“MaximoMax commented 4 minutes ago
Could you please move to a different thread? This one is about not being able to send at all, not about ethers being sent to unknown addresses.
(Sorry to hear that, though..)”

So, as requested, I transferred to a different thread. I'm still trying to figure this out and recover the transaction. Previous issue was posted here: #367 (comment)

Would appreciate any help or advice. I would like to add Ether, but now I'm a bit freaked out & sorry for hogging the previous issue 367.
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    Uhhh.so, it's a year later. Found the json.... Am able to watch it. Beuller?....Beuller? Anyone?
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    I have no idea why it might have sent to a random address. I would have suspected that you downloaded a malicious version of Mist which replaces the "to" address at the last second; however, I doubt this is the case because there is not much activity at 0xe16171A65715841DF329a582A5DfFA17f900aC8d. If someone stole your funds, they would have cashed out from that address quickly.

    So, my bet is that no one owns that address at the moment. It's probably just some random unclaimed address. Without anyone owning it, there is absolutely no way to get your funds back. One small thing that you can do is make a comment at that address at etherscan.io (https://etherscan.io/address/0xe16171a65715841df329a582a5dffa17f900ac8d). If a good-willed person happens to own that address and they happen to go check on etherscan.io, they might see your message.

    One thing you can take away from this is that you should always send a small amount of funds in a test transaction the first time you work with a new wallet. Also, you should probably never send all of your crypto in one transaction, even after you are confident that it is working correctly. Crypto is very unforgiving.

    You should feel fortunate that all you have lost is 10 Ether. I know people with broken accounts that have lost literally hundreds of Ether.
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