We should develop a world government to make the world a much better place



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    People dont magically end up in the places in society that they do. Culture, and the rules of the games we play get them there. "Initial state" also affects it, but i much doubt that is sufficient to explain the things going on!

    Not sure what you mean with the concentration camp thing.

    I didnt read that entire pdf.. Do think that people shouting "economics!" are indeed often "emperors without clothes". However, there is economic theories and game theory there, and it not necessarily easily understood despite of it. I..e Kelly's criterion.

    It is important the citizens have their own idea of how things work. That they're not convinced of blatant nonsense like copyright as private good.(its a club good) Or a model of how interactions work. I.e. i dont get any good reception if is say something about advertising people, and leadership being awfully isolated from the things they do. (this blogpost is interesting)
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    Jasper said:

    Not sure what you mean with the concentration camp thing.

    . (this blogpost is interesting)

    I mean that big (US)corporation had raise fortune on II world war and has been continued ranching people to sell them:
    1. toxic food, 2. drugs,3. copyrighted medical treatments, etc.
    All monopolies are based on FIXED prices and tax exemptions.The real price of all products on market is 40% -20% of given price(!!!). The worst thing is happening now when transatlantic trade agreement is discussing in UE (#TTIP and ACTA)
    reignbeau said:

    I will support such a project only but only for malevolent reasons.

    Intense struggle is absolutely necessary for growth: societal and personal.

    In my opinion the biggest human achivement is EMPATHY and non violence communication (#NVC).When you starts understand children you know that they deserve love and freedom but agreement of greedy people managed to captured us and stopped human evolution (our educational sysytem is more like XIX century paramilitary organisation then event of fueling a curiosity).
    reignbeau said:

    In a merciless society, those who have insider information, accurate information survive and those who don't will die. This creates a society where the living are attuned to the truth, difficult to control. A society of fools is so much easier to manipulate.

    I`m afraid that in this sys. not truth but money.
    If there was any SUPERpossibility that would exclude dirty money of corporations and change economical agreement...
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    Yes, to be a pro is profitable but not so much like "passive income", the most dirty you play the bigest income you gain: doctors who are a Big Pharma agents can earn much more and get faster promotion.
    Maybe there is a possibility to introduce better, positive solutions and earn money but untill Wall str rules.
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    I think we can close this topic as expired.Politicians are not in charge any more.They have been replaced by a higher power - Corporations & friends- that`s not answerable to the electorate in any country.It`s silent coup on global scale.
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    Please citizen of USA and UK stop your gov to operate on Second War History.Six million Polish citizens were killed by the Nazis during World War Two, half of them Jewish and director of FBI Mr Comey had suggested in a Washington Post article that Poles were accomplices but the truth is that almost no one answered for that crime and U.K. still don`t want to
    declassify their archive and the US intelligence (FBI as well) agencies were brought Nazi scientists on board. We Polish people want to know the truth !
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