Best Geforce 1070 Ethereum mining card.

bood4092bood4092 Member Posts: 2
I am currently running an MSI Geforce 1070 Gaming X with an overclock of +100 Core Voltage, +905 Mhz on memory, +114 Mhz on GPU, at 65 degrees C and with 73% Fan speed stable at 33.5 Mh/s on Claymore miner (latest version) and latest Nvidia drivers.

I was wondering if there is any better 1070s out there that get more Mh/s or if there is any other tuning that could be done.



  • wirelessnet2wirelessnet2 Member Posts: 385 ✭✭✭
    you shouldn't be adding any voltage to the core.
  • josh5901josh5901 Member Posts: 38
    That's INCREDIBLE dude. I thought 1070s, stable 1070s, would do around 27 when clocked. I have a 6 card 6gb gtx 1060 rig i just built. I found ZERO benefit of messing with core. I just dropped power to 70 and went 450 on mem. Each runs at about 22.5Mh/s. I know one thing for sure after days of chasing a very intermittent problem: Riser quality is SHIT. One of the first things you should look at, should you have issues like random failures in claymore, freezing up, etc, is a bad riser.
    My temps do not exceed 60C. See, i look at ROI but i also look at longevity. I push these cards and i can get 140Mh/s outta the rig but i also see temps go up. Heat=Shorter life expectancy. That applies to anything electronic. Period. So i took a modest middle ground on power consumption and Mh/s. I'm still new to this though. COngrats on some BEAST 1070s!
  • ssdaytonassdaytona Member Posts: 12

    what kind of memory does your card have?
  • shubham7392shubham7392 Member Posts: 31
    m getting 33.7 mh/s :p:p
  • SamsanSamsan Member Posts: 39

    m getting 33.7 mh/s :p:p

    how you get 33.7 mhs tell me setting
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