The GTX 1060 - difference ASUS and Palit brand?

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Hey folks,

I'm looking to buy myself 2 GPU's to mine ETH: 2 GTX 1060's 3 GB

I already got myself 1 GPU: Asus DUAL-GTX1060-O3G GeForce GTX 1060, I hope to get it soon
Now I got my eye on this GPU: the Palit GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Boost Graphics Card

This GPU seems to be cheaper than the ASUS GPU. I'm wondering is there is any difference concerning hash-rate between these two cards? Is there a caveat I'm not seeing here?

Or are both cards equally good?

Thanks for your reply!


  • restlessrestless Member Posts: 80
    What matters for eth-mining is memory chips used on board
    Samsung/micron chips will give you 24+MH if memory is clocked 700+
    Hynix will give 19+Mh with same clock...
    The more recent batches are with "random" memory, ie a friend of mine bought 6 Gigabyte Windforce 1060 6GB
    3 of these were with Samsung, 3 with Hynix memory ...go figure
  • KlintistwoodKlintistwood Member Posts: 142
    Got an Asus 3Gb, was equipped with Hynix, I sent it back as it's not performing very well for mining.
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