poor poor quadro

Mad_Scientist_565Mad_Scientist_565 Member Posts: 2
Hey ladies!

question: have a workstation for CAD/CAM that has a single quadro m2000, that i figured id let crunch on some mining over night.. this thing came back with .0004 ether after 15 hours. something like 2 MH/s. (lol) but strangely, when i went back and looked at the graphs on ethermine, it showed a significant period (couple hours) of 6.7 MH/s ... so im curious about that. what should this thing really do? and why the multi hour spike?

I am probably going to upgrade to a P4000, and shove this little card to a co-worker. Is that thing worth using for mining? or should i go ahead and get an AMD or 2 and stick in the other slots. (i have a 40 pcie lane cpu, 4 of which are shared by the NVME ssd)

not really looking to make a splash in the mining world, just use some of the free power i have access to.

btw, this machine doesn't have onboard graphics so the gpu has to do double duty


  • danxdanx californiaMember Posts: 145 ✭✭
    You can always just leave the quadro in there for your normal cad/cam stuff and put a second card in there to mine with. No point in using a card that does 2mh since even low end gaming cards will do 10 times that.
  • Mad_Scientist_565Mad_Scientist_565 Member Posts: 2
    Im buying a p4000 since i need a faster rendering card. I did get that m2000 up to 8mh/s. You have to check the optimize for compute box in the control panel for maxwelk cards. Anyways, I'm also going to invest ina second card . Any suggestions
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