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    techtot said:

    @rmh - I dont think you understand what Dwarfpool is saying about empty blocks.. The network is under attack and it is being fed empty blocks. Dwarfpool is saying we should try to filter these empty blocks out like SPAM. He is mitigating the attack by moving those empty blocks to other servers so real blocks can get processed faster.

    Dwarfpool isn't compounding the problem, they are trying to SOLVE the problem.

    That is not accurate really.

    They are mining empty blocks because they don't want to lower the profits that they and the miners using their pool are getting.
    They are mining empty blocks because regular blocks with transactions are so called slow blocks because of the on-going attack on the Ethereum network. The slow blocks go stale aka are uncles.
    Dwarfpool is mining some blocks with transactions to try to help the network keep running, as are some other big pools. This type of empty block mining is usually called selfish-mining, but that doesn't strictly apply in the current conditions.

    No empty blocks are being fed, it's the exact opposite, there are so much transactions, aka DoS attack, that the network isn't able to handle it properly. There is also no filtering out empty blocks, again, the opposite, more and more empty blocks are being created for these reasons, to gain mining profits and transactions are only being processed in some of the blocks, thus the transactions on the network are slower.
    The "real blocks" or normal blocks, with transactions, to be accurate will start to get processed more after the hard-fork next week (at block 2463000) goes through.
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    Anyone else having issues with this pool?

    I have to go to work tomorrow to restart my miner as it's completely knocked offline. But it's still powered on...This is 2x this week ON TOP of intermit issues with hashrates going to null.

    I ran nanopool all day during work, no issues. Switched back before I left to go home. Big mistake. SIGH....
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    @SWDude26 - yep had a disconnect (first one in 4 months) on that basis decided to switch for now.
    It seems they are having some payout issues as well due to the attacks.
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    @techtot I'm fully understand the situation, and still say that mining empty blocks are not the solution. They not just filtering out spam transactions, they filtering out every transaction on most of their nodes, even gaslimit 21000, gasprice 22gwei.
    This has only one purpose, PROFIT. Pools, whom can't take the temporaly difficulties, shouldn't bullshitting people. We would have to bear the pain in common as a whole network and community, but many have failed in this, just for slightly more profit.
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    And note the fact, when more and more users are started to oppose this in reddit, the pools stepped back lightly, and are mining more transactions now.
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    Yeah well whatever their actions may be I'm done with this pool.
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    Dwarfpool has been OK, I do seem to have to restart miners every now and then however. This doesn't seem to be the case with Coinotron - Some miners I have @ coinotron never have been restarted and have been running for months there..

    Maybe I am confused about the "empty blocks" . I thought these were created by the attackers, and you have no choice but to mine them or at least analyze them which takes processing power..? Is DP doing something special to create empty blocks?
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    Hi, Just trying to start using Linux Ubuntu 16.04 and Nvidia 1060 GPUs. Do any one can provide help and suggestions for software install and config. Mostly installation guides are for AMD GPU. Please, help to get started.
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    The ethereum software install is the same for both, only the graphics installation is different. You can install the graphics drivers first and make sure they're working before you install eth.

    I'm running AMD, but I set up a couple aws instances and this is what I think I ran to install, so if no one else chimes in, you can try it.

    Skip this step if it is a new install - this just removes any old versions of the drivers that are on your system
    sudo apt-get purge nvidia*

    Now you can add the PPA
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install nvidia-370

    reboot you computer
    This command will tell you if your drivers are installed
    lsmod | grep nvidia

    Let me know how it works out!
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    is anyone getting really unstable stats from dwarfpool right now?
  • drawerdrawer Member Posts: 6
    Hi, does somebody know how to change minimal payment ETH on dwarfpool from 1 eth to eg. 0.1 ETH ????
  • MidisMidis Member Posts: 16
    drawer said:

    Hi, does somebody know how to change minimal payment ETH on dwarfpool from 1 eth to eg. 0.1 ETH ????

    send them email of your request: [email protected]
  • MidisMidis Member Posts: 16
    I am using dwarfpool for 2 months mining ether, had no problem with the pool and the support was very fast when i asked for a balance transfer. Very easy to connect and i think one of the safest..
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    is DwarfPool's site stable down alread ?
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    I have 15 refirb r9 270x in good condition need help to get a buyer :/ I tried placing a classified for them but people wont give me more than 150 or 170 for them :/ i bought them for a freaking 300$ sum for each card , need help please as i shifted to4 rx 580's for ether mining i was mining zcash with them before i need to shift completely for ethereum anyone can suggest me a buyer ?
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