EVGA 1000w GQ is enough power for 6 Rx 480?

ivanefo2ivanefo2 Member Posts: 6
Hello, I am new and I just assemble a rig of 6 sapphire Rx480 8gb with an EVGA source of 1000W model GQ, I can not mine with the 6 cards because it turns off when passing 30sec.

My question is if this source EVGA 1000W has enough power to move the 6 cards?

I know that there are some modifications of energy, but all the tutorials I see I applied and not to work I do not know if I'm doing something wrong, enter the wattman and lower the voltage but under the power of mining and restart the Win10.

Please if anyone knows if this source supports or if someone can help me via Skype with the undervolt configuration I thank you.


  • C0bra_2056C0bra_2056 Bavaria, GermanyMember Posts: 46
    Plug a watt meter between your PSU and the wall and then you will see how much it needs, and if it exceed it will go off.
    And lets say each of your 6 RX 480 are using 150W (if undervoltet and so) you already consuming 900W if undervoltated probaly 800W.
    Then comes your CPU, Mainboard, SSD (sure they not using much but its an additional variable in the calculation.
    And if you say after 30s your Rig turns off, i think then your fans hit the road to cool the GPUs and rig is reaching 1000W.
    So to use just one 1000W PSU for one rig is ... yeah dumb ?
    use 2x 600/800W PSU and then you will be safe.

    Nice note on the side:
    Google for psu power efficiency and then take a look that at mostly 50% load the PSU is working on the most efficient way. But if your PSU is used at 80-90% it will not last long and is inefficient.
    And using 2 of them you splitting up your usage on 2 PSUs and working at a better efficiency.
  • MindMinerMindMiner Member Posts: 12
    Dont use wattman! Download MSi afterburner or Trixx and undervolt!

    Im using a EVGA 1000w to power 4 rx470, one 390, a realy shitty motherboard and CPU using 130W at idle with one card connected.

    Undervolting cards with Trixx and using about 920W at the wall (before the PSU)

    its close but you can do it.
  • felipemcaldasfelipemcaldas Member Posts: 15
    Just gonna leave my 2 cents, but may not help you:

    I have a Celeron 54w, 4gb Ram, 1xMSI GTX1070, 4xMSI GTX1060, 2xEVGA 1060 ITX and that is all using 710W
    All cards undervolted to their minimum
  • jwangjwang Member Posts: 5
    Rx480 8gb can spike to 230W, so worst case all your 6 card spike to 230W, 6x230=1380W, your power shutdown for protection. be safe to use 1600W PSU
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