0.06 Eth return per day on 180+ MH/s Rig. Is the End nigh?

pommie09pommie09 Member Posts: 40
Considering how the DAG increases and the difficulty sky rocketing, how is everyone dealing with it except jumping on other currencies or dual mining?

Currently I really got some high hopes on SIA to come and be the savior!


  • donsebadonseba NetherlandsMember Posts: 22
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    If you can't handle the market and/or can't comp with the risk, sell your rig and invest that money in ether.

    180 MH.. is roughly 7 RX480 ( 350 USD each ) = 2450 usd.. gets you about 12 ether. sit on them and check back next year.

    PS. Sorry to kill your hopes but SIA will NEVER reach high values, the supply is unlimited and therefore will never reach an scarse... specially with the new SIA miners coming on the market there will be an surplus within the year. making your sia even less profitable...

  • wcryanwcryan Member Posts: 157
    If you had a nice amount of eth the time so make money quick was to sell when it peaked around 410$. Right now it's better so stockpile and wait for it to go back up. Obviously we've seen it's current potential which was around 400$ so who knows what the future holds
  • mjmeansmjmeans Member Posts: 65
    I think the $400 ETH price was largely based on dark web demand. Now that the largest dark web pharm takeown in history has happened a few days ago, following police operating the dark web site to gather evidence on 10's of thousands of drug dealers and users who will be probably be going to jail soon, I see the entire crypto space going back to a steady but bumpy slow increase in value unless governments and mega banks screw with it (currency manipulation).
  • pommie09pommie09 Member Posts: 40
    Dark web aside, I do have hope in some of the ICO's, I personally know one of them and the team looks good, they did 8 mil on the ICO.
    What I feel is the Ethereum Platform is also going to be largely dependent on how most these apps do, though coindash was a bit of a buzzkill.

    We might never be able to confidently say that ether would reach bitcoin level but I would hope that it would definitely surpass its previous spike.

    Also the Siacoin bit was more of light humor, I do like their model however and the cloud space they offer is actually a lot cheaper but then again it would be huge to even reach USD 0.1

    And currently I operate with 6 x RX 580, worked too hard on sourcing them so probably wont be taking the easy way out ha, have been checking some other potential mining opportunities, currently pulling strings in Shenzhen to get my hands on the L3+ Antminer, now that looks like a beaut
  • cidmocidmo Member Posts: 446 ✭✭✭
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    lol dark web does not generate even 25% of the current daily volume of eth
    maybe in some of the scrypt or x11 coins but not in something this big lol
    in total of all crypto coins dark web isnt even 10% daily volume

    here this will help u grasp just how much money is in crypto
  • pommie09pommie09 Member Posts: 40
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    Definitely, dark web was not really for ether, wasnt Zcash the one way more anonymous?

    Also the only concern right now is the growing difficulty, and thats probably due to all the mining farms pointing in the direction of Ether now, but I'm guessing you have probably been around since the day you could mine blocks a day!
  • cidmocidmo Member Posts: 446 ✭✭✭
    anything zero-time or close to it with anon prolly
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