Jaxx wallet lost my ethereum

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I started investing in crypto a couple months ago. I transferred some ethereum from Coinbase to Jaxx. Next day Jaxx wallet froze so I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Now my ether is gone. Jaxx support says that the ethereum were transferred out of my wallet and it is my fault and there is nothing they can do about it. They are accusing me of not being in control of my device. I always have my phone on me which has fingerprint and code turned on for all apps besides 2FA.
The ether is in somebody elses' wallet. I can see it's there but don't know if / how I can get it back. Only the 2.15 ethereum deposit is mine. I don't know who the rest of the transactions belong to.


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    JAXX been giving me issues too =( app is all glitchy and now i can pull my eth out of there...
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    I was told it was a very stable wallet..hrm..now i got to reconsider my options.
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    For any who are considering Jaxx, follow these steps to prevent loss of access to your wallet:
    • Once the Jaxx extension is installed, click on it to bring up the interface.
    • Click the three dashed lines (≡) to bring up the settings.
    • Under Menu go to Tools → Display Private Keys.
    • A warning will be displayed with a countdown. Once it completes, click “I Understand.”
    • Enter your PIN (if you set one up, which you should) to proceed.
    • Click Display Ethereum Keys.
    • Here you will find your public address along with the private key.
    • You can click Export to be brought to a page which will display your public address and private key in a comma separated format, but I would honestly just physically (and carefully!) write it down on paper.
    Jaxx will recommend the password phrase as their preferred method of restoring access to the wallet. However, knowing your private key will allow you access to your wallet without Jaxx entirely. For example, knowing the private key means you can access your funds through MyEtherWallet or other services that allow you to interact with the Ethereum blockchain directly. The trade-off here is that if anyone finds your private key, they can do the same.

    Personally, I would not trust a wallet which functions as a browser extension with anything that I wouldn’t be prepared to lose.
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    Even when your Jaxx has a security PIN configured, anyone with 20 seconds of (network) access to your PC can extract your 12 word backup phrase and copy it down. Jaxx does not have to be running for this to happen
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    saw some reports stating about jaxx vulnerability, some 400k were stolen. Having second thought myself also
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