Thinking of ICO for PAM CMS! Looking for co founders and contributors!

amir_meshkinamir_meshkin Member Posts: 4
Looking for some contributors or perhaps a co founder for PAM CMS, a new CMS based on PHP, ANGULAR and MONGODB.

It's super fast and almost ready for release! The ICO would be for PAM COINS, to be used to pay for initial plugin development. PAM COINS could also be used along with fiat, bitcoin, and ether to buy themes, components and plugins for PAM CMS.

If anyone is interested or has any tips or advice, please let me know.

At the very least I want a plugin that allows the sending of bitcoin and ether. The ICO Is something I'm just thinking about. I would definitely want the community's help if I go that route!


  • donsebadonseba NetherlandsMember Posts: 22
    It doesn't sound groundbreaking... why PHP ? The language is slowly going downwards and not used anymore for corporate development. Why angular, WHY mongoDB ? What makes it better (more flexible) than Wordpress ? what makes it faster than laravel ? Why not use Golang/Postgresql With React or any other language that is more 2017 ?

  • amir_meshkinamir_meshkin Member Posts: 4
    PHP 7 is fast, and many people already know it. I dont have to use the newest languages to make a good CMS

    Unlike wordpress you can create content types using a form. You can copy an entry in the database, and quickly create forms or content types. No need to do any coding.

    And the components do use react.
  • amir_meshkinamir_meshkin Member Posts: 4
    edited July 2017
    And soon you will be able to build mini-sites, with or without WP/DRUPAL, and modify apps with PAM.

    Plus you don't have to use mysql. you can use whatever you want, but mongo is standard

  • donsebadonseba NetherlandsMember Posts: 22
    It still does not sound innovating, I have been programming in PHP for 15 years and 4 years in Golang, I have worked on many projects from closed source and even contributed on wordpress and Joomla back in the early days.

    If you want to make you're project work, throw it on gitlab, get code analyzes, get a working and contributing dev team. once you have an supporting community that really loves the product, use them to startup the ICO.
  • amir_meshkinamir_meshkin Member Posts: 4
    Well I'm about to start paying people in Ethereum and/or bitcoin to develop certain plugins. So perhaps you can help make it more innovating.
  • donsebadonseba NetherlandsMember Posts: 22
    Depending what you need, I could help. Let me know what you need and we can discus about it.
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