Mining rig box not going that well so far... Pictures inside of post need suggestions..HEAT!!!

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Well the box is finally complete the heat these rigs were creating was bad in my house I run 4 main gtx 6 gtx 1070 rigs with an overclock of 649 memory 0 core clock at 70-75% max power. All fan speeds are set at 90% inside this box. My basement used to get to 80-83* F when the A/C would never shut off and it was uncomfortable inside the house upstairs as well. I got some plexyglasss had a 6 inch hole cut in it and am running a 400+ CFM inline fan inside it. So far the inside box after 3 hours (just checked) said 109 Degrees F. This box also has 16x26 inch filters on each side of it. My GPU temps still seem in the 60* C mark some are in the low 70's atm. I was thinking bout adding another T connector and adding in another 400+ CFM fan with another 6 inch outlet. Outside it blows hot air pretty good atm. Give me some suggestions this was to lower my power consumption with all the Air conditioning I was using its now finally comfortable not sure if this temp will continue to rise inside the box or not. Here are the pics......


  • kentankentan Member Posts: 85
    What would be good would be add one or two inline fans feeding it cooler air to the bottom of the box on both sides. Just my 2cts
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    Thinking about adding in another T adapter and another inline fan go to a 2 to 1 6 inch out to avoid adding another hole in the plexyglass as long as a 6 inch duct can handle 800+ cfm.
  • ecs87ecs87 Dekalb, ILMember Posts: 339 ✭✭✭
    I've got 1375 watts in a room and around 2000cfm of fan to keep them around 70 C. You need a ton more cfm. 400 is definitely not cutting it
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    Definitely agree on doubling or tripling the CFM. I also think 6" ducting is not optimal, go larger. And don't forget 'make up air', all that air blowing out of your basement needs to be replaced from somewhere in the basement/house.
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    Buy a minifridge, put a fan inside it, run a pipe into your box and push cold air directly into it. Of course that will be a lot more power use. Better yet, buy a large commercial fridge, the big 7 foot tall 2 door type, and build your rig inside that, set the temp to around 34F, just over freezing and overclock the shit out of your cards.

    Or setup a bunch of liquid nitrogen cooled pipes running through your box that the air flow would pass over. Or even just hook a duct directly into your AC unit.

    Or just do like everyone else says and put a bigger fan in. But my ideas would look way cooler and cost a ton more to do.
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    Why is the mining rig closed? Ofcourse it will heat up.. need free air movement.. heat is going upwards so you need to let it go upwards..
  • cabslockcabslock Member Posts: 38
    Free air movement is pretty much the worst kind of heat removal you can have
  • danxdanx californiaMember Posts: 145 ✭✭
    I think he closed it so he could direct the heat outside instead of letting it heat up the room.
  • mightbaalmightbaal Member Posts: 24
    Yes I need another 6 inch inline fan at least was thinking about maybe cutting another hole on the top adding in a 8 inch one because those pull 750+ cfm before this my house the A/C would run 24/7 and it was HOT inside my small house my central air is a 1 1/2 ton (18000 btu) 9 seer from 1994 that pulls appx 2000 watts when running. I had to add in a 12600 btu window a/c for the kitchen that pulled 840 watts and a bedroom A/C 6400 btu that pulled 440 watts to keep the house comfortable upstairs. I pay .1311 per kwh and electric costs were getting out of hand. Just trying to figure out a way lessen that bill. There are 2 filters on each side of the rig enclose 16x26 and the center is a 14x20.
  • mightbaalmightbaal Member Posts: 24
    Honestly I run all rigs at 90% fan power now temps inside box are 101-110 max. My gpu temps are all around 50-60's C atm my hottest rig 1 card runs 70 C and one other on that same rig 71 C other than that seems ok right?
  • ecs87ecs87 Dekalb, ILMember Posts: 339 ✭✭✭
    90% fan is way too high. More CFM. Forget about using refridgerant to cool. If you pull 2000-3000 CFM you will be amazed.
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    My basement is about 65 degrees since this down from 80 before this idk how to pull 2000-3000 cfm they dont even make inline fans that high of CFM....

    I was told fan life at 90% (manual override) is about 100,000 hours so thats why I bumped up the fans to 90%... I didn't like GPU temps at auto msi afterburner settings....
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