What OS are you Using?

minerman1minerman1 Member Posts: 26
I am using Ethos on 5 rigs, but I will be switching over to windows soon with Awesome Miner to monitor everything like i have with my 30 other rigs.

EthOS lacks so much in regards to code, and the tiny LLC blacklisted me and cut off my readings to the panels I paid to have all because I called PayPal for receiving broken motherboards. All records of conversations have been printed, but I am not going anywhere with this for now. I would like to hear what everyone is using and try to inform people about the pitfalls of ethOS.


  • danny1danny1 Member Posts: 42
    I loaded Awesome Miner Remote Agent on the remote computers but the main program will only detect 1 of the remote computers when using the network scan wizard from the main computer. Do you have any ideas I could try to see the other computers? thanks!
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