What is the primary purpose of the keys.info and keys.info.salt files?

I've been researching a little on backing up wallets. (My wallet was created via geth.) The official docs for geth say to "back up your keystore subdirectory." Fair enough, I can see my wallet and the data included for decrypting the private key included in it.

So the default directory (on Windows) is located at ~/AppData/Roaming/Ethereum. The files of interest in the structure are as follows:
| \-- Wallets # Ok, I should save these files
|\keys.info # But what about these?
|\keys.info.salt # A salt would seem important
What purpose do these keyfiles serve? Should I also back them up? Are they just a keyring of public wallet addresses, similar to how OpenPGP/GnuPGP save public keys?


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