Is there any mod that can help me? Presale wallet .json problem....

mc33mc33 Member Posts: 2
So, admittedly I'm not a very technical person. I bought some presale Ethereum on some advice from a friend back in 2014. I saved all my info, and still have it, but I think when I transported the info on the .json file to wherever, it got messed up in the conversion. I'm pretty sure all of the info I need is on there, but there's about 1,000 extra characters there. (It looks like a hot mess) I tried uploading it on Kraken using the .json but it said there is no Eth in there, but when I check the wallet, it says it's all in there, so once again, guessing something just got screwed up in the conversion, but pretty sure all the info I need is on there, I just have no idea what I am looking for, or really doing..... But is there anyway someone could help me out with this? I lost my job a few months back and am REALLY bad need for money at the moment, and I'm guessing it would take someone who know what they were doing about 30 seconds to see where the problem is and fix it, I just have no idea. But if anyone could help me, please let me know... Thank you.


  • UTlex92UTlex92 Member Posts: 8
    MC33, Sorry to hear about your troubles. Did you ever receive any assistance to get you access to your wallet. I, along with several other, am having issues gaining access to my wallet. My wife and I are expecting a child in one week and could use the funds right now.
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