GeForce GTX 1060 3G - Should I Future-Proof For ETH Mining?

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Hello Everyone,

I am an ETH investor and I am interested in getting my own mining rig set up. I am not sure about how the difficulty of mining ETH is right now but I was wondering if 6 Gainward GeForce GTX 1060 3G GPUs would be enough even in the future? Should I buy the 1060 3Gs or should I move up to something like the 1070s or 1080s?

Thank You!


  • cvethmooncvethmoon Member Posts: 24
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    3gb will not last you past December/January. The DAG file will grow past 3Gb based of statistical calculations. Once that happens any 3gb cards will not longer mine ethereum. Buy 6gb and above. 1070s seem to be the best profit.
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    1070 is twice the price of 1060 3gb. Actually more than twice the price where I live.
    I ordered 10x 1060 3gb which I found for €200. I don't care if they become useless in 2018. By then mining Etherium will be extremely hard anyway. I'll just sell them off if Etherium is still profitable, or just switch to some other coin.
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    @cvethmoon , where do you get Dec/January estimate for 3gb? It is a fixed formula based on # of blocks -

    Most people go by this info:

    The DAG started at 1 GB at the time of the Frontier launch, and increases by approximately 0.73x per year. That puts the current size at roughly 1.35 GB as of mid-January 2016 (feel free to comment with an exact link if anyone has one).

    Following the same crude approximation:

    The 2GB limit will be hit around mid-December 2016
    The 3GB limit will be hit around mid-April 2018
    The 4GB limit will be hit around mid-September 2019
    However, it's likely that the switch to PoS will occur long before then.
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