Why do I have 3 peers when I'm on a private chain in alethzero?

Perhaps I don't understand what a "private chain" is, but I thought it was just a chain running on my local computer.
So why do I always get a non-zero value for the number of peers?
Am I not actually running a private chain?


  • taramanictaramanic Member Posts: 24 ✭✭
    It seems the peers showed up when I clicked on the "Go" button in alethzero.
    If I understand correctly, clicking the Go button connects alethzero to peer nodes.
    In other words, if I'm on a private chain I should never click the Go button.
    Am I making correct statements here or have I just make more incorrect assumptions again?
  • GeorgeHallamGeorgeHallam Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 229 admin
    Hi @taramanic.

    So, unless you have some buddies on the same network, its probably because the p2p layer is separated from the eth layer. Can you create an issue for this on GitHub so the dev team can have a look?

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