Unable to access ETH in my Parity wallet. Anyone please help?

I opened a Parity wallet, logged the account address.
I work on a PC running on Windows 7 (32bit)
After the account was open the page requested that I create a signer certificate or something at a fee in ETH.
Since the account was empty, I transferred ETH to the wallet.
The email verification did not send me any email, or I did not receive it.
ISSUE ONE: When I wanted to check the balance, the page instructs me to "To update your secure token or to generate a new one, run parity signer new-token"
I open the command prompt and enter: parity signer new-token
The I receive the following response: 'parity' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
I am at a loss. The ETH shows up in in my Parity account on Eatherscan, but after hours of reading on various web sites, I am unable to find a solution to my problem.
ISSUE 2: I opened a new Parity account from other PC, but find no instructions anywhere for how to import a standard Parity account into my new Parity profile.
I really hope that someone can help met to resolve either issue one or two please.


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