Help with geth / Ethereum Wallet blockchain syncing

Prob: I am having trouble running the Ethereum Wallet and geth to make sure I can connect to my address / wallet. When I open them they appear to be re-syncing with the network from scratch. (Windows 10 btw)

I started by installing Ethereum wallet. It gave me a nice little interface and while syncing with the network (download blocks 1 of 3.8 M'ish) it suggested I setup a wallet. I did this, with a password, and it created an Ethereum directory with a keystore dir and then over the next 2 days proceeded to fill up a chaindata directory with about 20 gigs of files. After it was done I clicked launch application, at which point it said it needed to sync with network, and appears to be starting over again. I checked the chaindata directory and its still full, the wallet app is pointed to this Ethereum directory as well. Looking around on the net I read that someone said they ran geth first, then the wallet and all was good. So I launched geth and it too seems to be continuing to download blocks. How quick are these things generated? The chaindata directory is now about 20.5 gigs, and it appears to be rapidly adding AND removing files. The total number of files at time of writting is averaging around 10,615. I can not allow it download that much again because my internet provider sucks and I'm reaching my monthly cap. Am I doing something wrong? I just want to make sure I can get into my wallet, and be a part of the network.

Thanks for any help - looking forward to join the community!


  • markoffmarkoff Member Posts: 6
    I saw pretty much the same thing you're seeing. I can't tell you how it is going to go for you but I can tell you that I was definitely NOT fast syncing the blockchain. I threw away the blockchain data I had downloaded at one point and started over. Since doing so I have downloaded over 900,000 blocks (in less than an hour). My hard drive which had been making a lot of noise before is no longer doing so. The number of files in my chaindata folder had been rising and falling erratically before, but now it's just slowly rising. I'm about 1/4 of the way done with the sync and the chaindata folder has 2.1 GB of data in 1124 files. Back when I was slow syncing the chaindata folder contained nearly 19,000 files and I was only 1/12th of the way through the sync at that time. If this sounds familiar to you then I would suggest you go to the following URL and follow the instructions there:

    The blockchain is what everything in ethereum is literally based upon. If it is not functioning properly then your entire ethereum experience is going to be problematic at best. I would consider starting the sync over from the beginning. The url above contains instructions on how to do so.

    Good Luck. :-)
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    Adding my experience, with windows Wallet, it's 3 days that it is syncing and not yet finished. I stopped at one point to move the data from an HDD to an SSD, that sped up a little, anyway it's very long this initial sync
  • DjithBitDjithBit Member Posts: 40
    No way to get that done faster than days of syncing?
  • danxdanx californiaMember Posts: 145 ✭✭
    I'm confused as to why everyone uses geth and wants to sync. There really is no reason to unless you plan to solo mine, which for most people would take months to actually see any eth. Use an online wallet or a reputable exchange as your wallet. Myetherwallet works great, easy setup, no having to use geth, no sync, just spend a couple minutes, set it up and start mining.

    If you do want to use geth and sync, always use the --fast and --cache 1024 and a SSD, that will help some. Without the --fast you might as well give up. --fast only works on a new clean sync, so once you start it, don't stop until it syncs. After that it is quick to catch back up if you restart without --fast. Also your internet speed has a lot to do with sync speed. If you have a slow speed, you will have a slow sync. A mining pool for everyone, even those who don't have a house full of mining rigs.
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    for those who want to use it to avoid having to sync everything or where fast sync is working not fast enough, I've created an export of the eth blockchain (geth export) which you can use to import the blockchain with geth (geth import).
    It has all blocks until the date in the filename.

    It is available for download here :

    I'm trying to setup a regular export, future versions will be compressed with 7-zip as it provides the best compression for any platform


    Donations : 0x8dC14e258b2Bfc7886Bc5D99472Ae1D153A4F2cB
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