Installed Ethereum on Mac OS X - Need help next

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I installed Etehreum on Mac OS X.

Now, when I give command ethereum console I get this:
++ genesis +++
Root: 7e204dc9cfb7acdf062ff0b8052f7fcb0b7e6593754773967932ce458d134af3
Hash: 32d9162f861a01bc8274e70b3cdb9d688fd7d8566f2f8c25cf1a882f244081c4
2015/03/21 22:32:37 [CHAIN] Last block (#73) e717bef46f40eb0232d6adb79618552dbeeda018b9a6a5dfc54d6071bd6ae463 TD=9884560
2015/03/21 22:32:37 [CLI] Main address 3f72957cb22a8b3fa7875d7d348155b331397bf4
2015/03/21 22:32:37 [CLI] Starting Ethereum(G)/v0.8.6/darwin/go1.4.2
2015/03/21 22:32:37 [P2P Server] Starting Server
2015/03/21 22:32:37 [P2P NAT] mapping error: no devices discovered
2015/03/21 22:32:37 [P2P Discovery] Listening, enode://0eda4354abb5e8833372f5f7cd2c7f852b1fc512e15572daaf17a098026c69d64[email protected]
2015/03/21 22:32:37 [Blockpool] Started
2015/03/21 22:32:37 [SHH] Whisper started
2015/03/21 22:32:37 [P2P Server] Listening on [::]:30303
2015/03/21 22:32:37 [SERV] Server started
2015/03/21 22:32:37 [CLI] open console: no such file or directory

And if I give command ethereum -mine It starts mining.

I need to know the following if these applies with Ethereum:
1. What's my Ethereum Address? Because if ethereum is mining, it must be mining for some address?
2. How can I get the Private Key, Public Key for my Ethereum Address?
3. Just to confirm, the Ether which I'll be mining here are real, right?? If so, I think I read in previous blog posts of Ethereum that the Ethereum network will backup/reset between the testing phases until stable one goes mainstream. I don't remember if I read about how the ethere mined in testing phase will be claimed, or say traded?



  • daylightdaylight Member Posts: 5
    Answer to 3. The ether mined on testnet or own net has no value. You have to wait for the official release.
  • grewalsatindergrewalsatinder Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the answers daylight! :smiley:
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