Building a mining PC this late in the game

driesdries Member Posts: 3
Hello everyone,

I recently became interested in etherium, i was interested in cryptocurrency before but never had the guts to invest in it ( i regret this decision, look at the price of bitcoin today). But anyway, i was thinking this time maybe i should go for it, but i feel like it is a smarter move to invest in the mining. I was thinking about building this setup :
I think its safer to invest in something like this where i still keep the value of a pretty decent pc if the whole thing blows up in my face. I know it isn't the best mining rig out there but i want something that's a nice pc if the mining becomes unprofitable, i might just wait on the new vega gpu's though.

I know you can't tell the future or that some will say not to do it to everyone who wants to start mining to keep the hashrate low.
But what do you guys think of this idea ?


  • PotarPotar Member Posts: 8
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    Well, put i5/physical HDD is a bad call. You should consider G3900 for example and an SSD 128GB+ for difference of the price. Also the Mobo is overrpriced. I assume you are building gaming pc and for now just get few ETH for couple of months? If not, then forget about i5/hdd, go into SSD and cheapest RAM + mobo IE MSI Z170A SLI PLUS, also if you consideg gaming, put rx 580 8gb version.
  • driesdries Member Posts: 3
    Well, it doesn't have to be a gaming pc. I was just thinking if i made a solid pc that's a nice thing to fall back on, when the mining thing doesn't work out. Or do you think it would be beter to build a full blown mining rig and when eth doesn't profit anymore, just mine another coin ?
  • C00L3rC00L3r Member Posts: 6
    It depends on your budget. Like what you mentioned, a solid pc can be a nice thing to fall back on
  • driesdries Member Posts: 3
    my budget is around 1000€ to get started
  • DjithBitDjithBit Member Posts: 40
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    Not enough .. the GPU cards will be more than 1000euro already :/
    6x GPU = app. 1800euro.. + mobo and other stuff will put you around 2200euro

    You can start with 2x GPU but then you wont get even 1 ETH a month.
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