ethminer not working?

coldiecoldie Member Posts: 33
Hello !

Since this is my first post in this community ,i would like to salute all members of this forum.

I am fairly new to cripto and started trading on cex like 2 months ago.Since then i got more and more interested in this complex domain so that i would also like to start mining eth.I started a couple days ago by searching information on how to begin mining and did come upon this guide here:

I did followed it threw and was fairly successful with it till i reached the part when i execute the nanopool.bat in order to grab the dag.

Everytime i run the nanopool.bat this error appears.

what could be the reason for it?


  • danxdanx californiaMember Posts: 145 ✭✭
    You have a 2gig video card? I don't think 2 gig cards can handle eth mining anymore.
  • coldiecoldie Member Posts: 33
    this is the card i have

    is it the dedicated video memory that the miner uses ?

    If so should i buy a new graphics card?Would this stop the error from appearing again?
  • danxdanx californiaMember Posts: 145 ✭✭
    Oh, it's not a graphics card, it's onboard video, like a laptop would use. I'd increase the video memory to 4gigs and try it.
  • coldiecoldie Member Posts: 33
    so i can't start the mining process at all with this card even if i go on negative gain/power consumption?i would have liked to try how it goes first and then invest in a rig?

    what video card would be a good option with a good hash rate/consumption ratio?

    i tried searching for amd RX 480/580 in the stores in my country , but as others have said already they are everywhere out of stock.Is the next best thing the geforce gtx 1070/1080?
  • danxdanx californiaMember Posts: 145 ✭✭
    You should be able to go into your bios and allocate more video memory. I've not had a lot of experience with onboard video and mining.

    As far as cards to use, I guess that depends on what you can find. The 1060, 1070, and 1080 will give you good hash, but I don't think the price difference between the 1060 and the 1080 is worth the extra couple M/s. Right now all cards are out of stock just about everywhere and the ones in stock are expensive.
  • coldiecoldie Member Posts: 33
    Thank you,

    I just checked .My graphics card is caped at 2 gb vram and i can not increase it any further so it seems i will have to gather some info about building a basic rig from scratch.
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