Hash-rate of new Sapphire RX 470 11256-31-21g GPU

MinerMan54MinerMan54 Member Posts: 11
Does anyone know the hash rate on these new mining edition cards? Are they already overclocked or can you overclock for more hash?


  • ecs87ecs87 Dekalb, ILMember Posts: 339 ✭✭✭
    edited June 2017
    A ) I doubt there's anything special about these cards other than no video output (although I have seen DVI models floating around).

    B ) The hashrate is probably the same. The 1060 mining cards are the same, so unless they modified the straps (can't see them doing that until these cards are really OFFICIAL mining cards) then they're the same.

    C ) They probably didn't overclock them...especially with the horrible warranty on them, but you should be able to use a OC tool to clock them further.
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