MSI z170a SLI plus won't boot when plugged into MSI 1070 GTX GPU

davidwparkerdavidwparker Member Posts: 2
Hi all!
I'm having some issues getting my motherboard to read my graphics card(s).
  • motherboard: MSI z170a SLI plus
  • graphics cards: MSI Nvidia 1070 gaming
  • power supply: corsair 1000w
So far, I:
  1. Booted up and installed Windows 10. Success.
  2. Added one graphics card to the setup. Success.
  3. Downloaded the Nvidia drivers linked to here: Success.
  4. Mined from one graphics card. Success.
  5. Powered down the rig, added 3x more graphics cards (all the same).
  6. Reboot. Failure! I get the bios screen and an endless BIOS loader. FAIL
  7. Remove 3x cards, and boom, still getting endless BIOS loader. FAIL
  8. Unplug monitor and graphics card, plug monitor into integrated graphics. Success (starts up again).
  9. Downloaded and installed BIOS recommended here: Success.
  10. Restarts ok (still not plugged into GPU).
  11. Plug in GPU- same thing. FAIL.
  12. Reset the BIOS manually- same thing. FAIL.
  13. Updated the BIOS to 7998v1B listed here:
Any suggestions?


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