most stable driver for GTX 1070

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Guys i have been using the 382.05 drivers and having issues overclocking it. I get artifacts at 600MHz memory clock . I acknowledge the fact that each card is different. I have :smile:
a) 6 GPU EVGA GTX 1070 FTW rig
b) 5 Asus Strix GTX 1070 + 1 EVGA SC
c) 2 GPU EVGA desktop

The 2 GPU desktop seems to be most stable even at 650MHz memory ( core is increased only 25-50 MHz) only when I am browsing the the screen switches to a transparent or pop up it crashes and starts showing artifacts. If I dont do anything it doesnt so any artifacts. This led me to conclude may be there is some issue with the drivers. I know I have 382.53 drivers to try. I m gonna do that today. And please keep in mind that its the global setting for the whole rig, i m not applying individual settings to each GPU.
But guys if there is some previous driver which is most stable for mining please suggest.


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    Try this,
    When installing the latest driver, plug in just one card and install it via GUI, select custom installation and just tick the display driver and untick all other options. Install it -> Shut down the system -> Plug all cards and start the system. If they don't install automatically, then head to device manager and manually install the driver by locating it to display driver location in C: Drive.
    (Always use latest drivers, no matter what!)
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    why do u want me not to install the rest of the drivers ? will it conflict in any way ?
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    Most of the times, latest drivers solve the issues that are still present in the older drivers which may affect the performance of mining. I, myself have got the best results with the latest drivers.
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