Windows freezes on Claymore every 45mins

MattiegkMattiegk Member Posts: 18
So I've got my rig working and windows finding all 6 cards . Currently running on 5 however after 45 mins windows completely freezes up . Screen frozeb in time and only way to fix is to power off with the switch then it will happen again 45 mins into mining .

Win 10 64 bit, currently unregistered,
5x gtx 1050,
MSI z170a pro carbon
Kingston 120gb SSD
8gb X2 ddr4
Corsair hx 850i platinum PSU

Running at 80% power on clock with 500mem clock


  • cryptorexcryptorex Member Posts: 46
    45mins seems longer than default sleep mode in power options. If you haven't turned that off, give it a try.
  • bouldoubouldou Member Posts: 9
    are you sure your PSU is powerful enough ?
  • MattiegkMattiegk Member Posts: 18
    ok update. its still crashing , in less than 45mins, ive tried on standard clock settings i go away come back 20-30mins and ive got a frozen screen absolutely unresponsive..
    il try it with 1 card less.
    ive been checking power draw with corsair link and it never goes above 650W out of 850W running 5 cards.
    my second corsair HX 850i arrived today so im gonna link that up, have it powering 5cards just in the top main power and keep all my risers powered off the same psu as the MB, sound good?
  • MattiegkMattiegk Member Posts: 18
    Sorry my cards are GTX 1070s NOT 1050s

    also ive just got a power indicator plug and with the 5 cards running with 0clock im only pulling 650W
    ive had a fiddle in my power options i noticed the hard drive was set to turn off after 20mins. no idea what this setting is for so ive set it to like 5000mins now too see what happens. il report back . cheers
  • MattiegkMattiegk Member Posts: 18
    OK that made 0 difference . still crash in like 20-25mins complete system failure needing hard restart...
    Another thing ive noticed is that if i close claymore for anything then the system goes super super slow , no hope of running any apps it even. takes me a few mins just to navigate to the restart tab ..
  • MattiegkMattiegk Member Posts: 18
    ok i watched it crash this time! i noticed one of my cards read 0 hash rate then the entire thing froze!
    so this could be faulty riser or faulty PCE slot on the board?

    first i thought it could be the card i had on that slot all of my cards are 1070s FE however 1 card is made by gigabyte and the others by pny.
    i swaped the card for a pny one and i got 45mins of run time with one minor crash and auto restart by claymore. still over 30mins of run time though.
    now i will try the same card and riser in a different pce slot and report back.

  • bouldoubouldou Member Posts: 9
    it happend to me when I had undervolted too much my graphic cards : when Claymore restarted, the frequency of the card reduced, and it crashed
    ==> do you undervolt your GC ? if yes, stop it
  • MattiegkMattiegk Member Posts: 18
    i reduced the power setting in msi afterburner but since this error ive kept them stock.
    i trying to see if 4 cards will stay on consistent now

  • MattiegkMattiegk Member Posts: 18
    Problem solved xD up until 4am last night fixing and troubleshooting now I have a solution to this issue whoop whoop!! Averaging 30.5mh per card now at 85% power . Stable 12hours and counting
  • beinglazy_1beinglazy_1 Member Posts: 41
    hey what did you do ?
    been facing this problem from yesterday
    i cant even mine for 5mins

    out of 4 cards, any one random card would suddenly goes to 0.00mh than system just freezes (sometimes claymore auto restarts but stucks in "4 cards available" menu

    how do i fix this treid clean uninstall through amdcleanup and re-installed 16.9.1
  • ShnikesShnikes Member Posts: 22
    Curious to hear what the problem/solution was?
  • MattiegkMattiegk Member Posts: 18
    for me the problem was with the PSU being almost maxed out. im only guessing here but spikes probably were killng the system?
    either way i added a second PSU to power the cards only and its working :D
  • MattiegkMattiegk Member Posts: 18
    So one PSU does 5cards and 5 riser boards
    The other does 2 cards and risers + MB/SSD/processor
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