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Hi guys, I tested nanopool and the hashrate it gets seems ok and it could directly send my ether to coinbase, Like Im new I would like some input about ethermine, I have read and the fees are the same, I have read that its able to send to coinbase also, and some other things that look ok, Im just mining with one rx480 giving me 25.5MH/s in this moment, and the ping to ethermine is slightly better, 150ms compared to 100ms, if that has something to do about this anyway, both of them use kind of the same method of payment per share, so the guys that have experience, in which one could give me better performance and payout? which one is more reliable? and if any issues with coinbase?


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    As far as I know any pool should be able to pay to any legit wallet address, whether it's at coinbase or running mist/geth on your own machine (like I do) or anywhere.

    When you quote the ping-times, do you realize that a lower ping-time is better? What I mean is - 100ms is a better ping-time than 150ms. Either of those is probably fine anyway. I have seen ping - times (when my internet connection is busy with other stuff) of over 500ms and it still works OK.

    I have used Ethermine, Ethpool and Alpereum. Ethermine was great but you have to wait for a whole block of hashing (5 ETH) so in your case would take ages. For me (250mh/s) it takes about 3.5 days. I said "was" because they just missed one of my block payments recently so I got suspicious. Ethermine is run by the same people and lately they have had some complaints and some "database problems" whatever that means. I like Alpereum, but because their total hash-rate is very low compared to the bigger pools, the payout isn't as regular - so sometimes you get more than you might statistically expect, but sometimes you get less.
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    Thanks a lot for your comments, for the time being I will stay on nano, they payout as soon as I hit 0.1 ETH, I read that ethermine paysout at 1 ETH It would take me kind of a week, I reached coinbase, support said something about the keys, and they had plans to receive directly the ether, they recommend using first the wallet like mist and transfer to them later, my setup is direct to coinbase in this moment and had no problems, I know the ping times the lower the better, sometimes nano pool reports 0 hash, and then jumps the double, or lower to 8, and so on... but wanted to know if there is a impact in earnings, thank you for answering all my questions detailed!
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    Guys, I only worked with Ethermine but I get about 20% less than the calculator tells me I should and I have a lot of stale shares ! I'm thinking of trying nanopool and see how much I get mining there.
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    Personal experience with Nanopool and Ethermine.

    I have two systems, at the time System A mining at 85.5MH/s and System B mining at 83.5MH/s. I pointed System A to Nanopool and System B to Ethermine. It would be good to note that System B is also a system I am using as a PC and often run SC2 on the integrated graphics while the discrete GPUs are mining.

    Over a course of 4 days or so, the System B got 2-4% higher ethereum. If things were equal between the two pools, the System A should have been getting 2-4% higher instead, not the other way around.

    Now for me both are back at Ethermine.
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