ETH Transfer - internal transactions plus additional missing ETH?

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I recently transferred 0.01 ETH from Coinbase to Bittrex. I assumed this would be a simple one hop transfer with a single gas cost. However, after reviewing the transfer, it looks like there was an internal transaction that acted as another point in the transfer, and I was charged an additional gas cost between that point and the Bittrex wallet. Why did this happen?

Additionally, the cumulative price of these two transactions was ~0.001295 ETH, but the final value deposited in my Bittrex wallet was 0.00655876, well below the initial transfer amount (0.01 ETH) minus the two gas costs. What am I missing? Where did the extra ~0.00215 ETH go?

Initial Tx recorded in Coinbase -
Tx recorded in Bittrex -


  • MinerRackMinerRack Member Posts: 8
    Those transactions are about 3 hours apart. Did you get the 0.01 Ether right away in the 0ef address? It doesn't look like there was a contract in between that transaction. However, there was a contract for the Tx hash going to Bittrex (3d8), which may explain the additional cost.
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