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Hi folks,

I just got my rig running for one week and before 187mh/s we can get 3.65 eth per month, now went to 3 eth... So quick like this, from around 1k profit to $700 with the low value of the eth right now... So now what? This mean in another month probably we will make 300-400$ profit till go down to $200 or something like that?

What will be the future of the GPU rigs? 3k rigs to make $200 per month? :(



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    Mine another coin, trade them on exchanges for BTC or ETH, and try to make money that way.

    Or continue to mine ETH and slowly gain more coins and hope the price rebounds in the next 1-2 years and profit.
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    The price will definitely rebound. Remember, the whole reason we believe in Ethereum is because we are thinking about long-term. This was Ethereum's first climb, it'll happen again.
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    you were warned
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    Does anyone have thoughts on if the difficulty increase will start to plateau ? Can the current difficulty change of some +500 T/M sustain for the next 6 months?
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    Eth price appears to be stable against btc.
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    Guys thank you so much for all the replies! Right now i'm doing dual mining ETH+PASCAL, ETH around 178mhs and PASCAL 1786mhs, pascal for long term i guess! Let me know what you guys think!

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    I'm diversifying a bit as well. I dual mine ETH+Sia (140 MH/s & 2500MH/s) and I also mine ETC at 60 MH/s. Looking to get 2-3 more 580s 8g, as retail. I also have free power so that is on my side, I guess I'll see how it goes.
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    For those who think its going to get better, think again..chart below says it all. PLUS judging by the amount of new miners requesting help in this forum, its an indication that the difficulty is going to continue increasing exponentially. Right now, the rate is held in check by the shortage of graphic cards. Once the graphic card suppliers releases the floodgate supply of cards, be prepared for a massive plummet in profitability. They have already started taking pre-orders for dedicated mining GPUS.

    For those established miners, you have about a month before the profit wrecker tsunami hits.

    For new miners, be prepared to add months to your payback period.

    You have been warned.

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    Dedicated mining GPUs are shitty, a 1060 mine no more tahn 22 mhs and they cost almost like a 1060 gaming card.
    Mining is not over, you can mine other coins. Ok, the revenue will be much less
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