Fans at 100%, GPU at 90°

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Hello all,

I am currently waiting for a bunch of riser cables to be delivered. in the meantime, my rig is running (since a week) at almost 90°C and fans at 100%.
Do you think this is critical and that I should stop it right now, or do you think it's fine if I let it run a couple of weeks more, and that it will not significantly damage the GPUs..

Thanks for your answers :)


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    I would stop ASAP. From what I've read, they can certainly be damaged at that level. Something is wrong. Is this in a small room with no air movement? What is the room temp? Do you have any large fan, box fan or pedestal fan you can put up front?
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    @Resonance it's not too small but the room is really hot yeah (40°C i'd say)
    Yeah I have a fan, I tried to put it in front of the rig the other day but it didn't change anything... I'm gonna try again right now and wait until tomorrow
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    Okay so this is how it was:

    I removed 1 GPU, added more space between them and put a fan in front of the whole thing:

    (I removed GPU #3)

    Thank you for the advice, it's now stable at:

    Seems legit, is it fine at this temperature?

    Also, is it possible I damaged the GPU that was at 90° for 1 week? :worried:

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    Seems to be okay now.
    Do you think it's still too high?
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    74 is a lot better than 90! That's still higher than I would want on mine. I max out around 65 myself. Some cards have decreased performance around 75.

    Move it away from the wall. Some of the hot air will be directed back at your rig. Your cards are still pretty close together as well.
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    @Resonance Yeah, thank you for the advice.
    I didn't notice any performance decrease yet.. I hope it's gonna be okay
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    dont think it helps your that your room temp is 40c.
    your cards looks likes its very close to each other, try putting it feather apart from each other or have the fan face the oposite of each other for each pair, strange setup you got 2 on top and 2 on bot.

    or built something like this

    i would use a duck to extract the hot air out if possible so it does not warm the room up.
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