ETH transaction issue

not sure if this is the best place for this but i haven't been able to get any answers from anywhere. Yesterday i sent from an exchange (poloniex) to a personal wallet. It also happened to be when the Status ICO was taking place so i think the reason for my issue is related to the strain on the network.

I recieved a txid and it was sent to the correct address however neither the txid or address have any records on the explorer. Generally if a txid is generated its not an exchanges issue. I did see the transaction as pending in the block explorer when i checked immediately after sending but it disappeared when i checked 5 mins later.

My working theory is that the transaction was denied due to heavy network traffic and the coins were returned to the exchange but due to thier system the coins werent reallocated to my account.

If anyone can confirm that theory or provide a possible solution or track the whereabouts of these coins that would be appreciated. Here are the details below:

Date: 2017-06-20 13:42:36 To Address: 0xda5390a8c0533EeF26a626543e859c7E19f2685d Txid: 0xf38b2c6ce25bb35ccebfd74c5dac1fddd9169650fec668bda98011bf23704c77 Amount: 30.04386764 ETH


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    Same thing happened to me. Today I eventually received my ETH to myetherwallet :). It took two days :/.

    Still no answer from Poloniex support and still there is no such a txid on the network 0xaff4a9e0d91f41b2d69a3d0564a78366ea590bac7eedbc5f5e0782f28bb78b4b
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