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Hi Ethereum Community.

Fundaria is in the begining of developments process now (april 2017).

Fundaria is the place when anyone who has a great idea is given a chance to turn an idea into a business. There are two parts of the Fundaria are developing: the part where authors of ideas are met with people who are interested to invest in ideas, where initiators attract potential members of future project team; and the part where all project management takes place to rule a business.

The presentation of Fundaria project is

How can an idea can be turned into a prototype / alpha version?
You can gather all nesessary components on Fundaria to start the business:
+ Post an idea and describe ways you want earn on it;
+ Discuss an idea with all people who have anything interesting to tell, who want to know more and see how you perceive an idea and future business based on it;
+ Get rated by Fundaria community in 4 core features: topically, prospect, uniqueness, profitability. People will summarize what they think about an idea;
+ Attract people to a team, let them know what role they will play in a business;
+ Collect people's intentions to invest in a business. Sooner or later somebody will find an idea suitable enough to be invested in.
+ Plan your Phase I development. Show the scheme where people can see how you define a budget, set costs, plan projects and tasks, outline times and shedules.
+ Finally you are come to a moment when people are ready to buy Ethereum tokens which you issues to raise funds. And the way to start your own business is opened.

How Ethereum tokens work in Fundaria?
Ethereum tokens are digital smart contracts which allows investors and businesess to establish relations based on obligation of tokens issuer which act on behalf of its Company to consider the assets of the Company as ownership of digital tokens holders with appropriate rights. In the current moment our civilization still not have adopted government laws to protect rights of digital tokens holders. But Fundaria is intended to create such structure which make maximum available protection for investors:
+ Investors can see all or almost all business activity via Fundaria on their invested Projects;
+ Investors may receive rights (by prior arrangement) to vote for some business solutions or even to vote for withdrawing their funds;
+ Company's funds are located on Fundaria (or investors) controlled Ethereum accounts so business rulers cann't simply withdraw these funds unless they establish legal and visible to investors tasks with output payments using Fundaria project management tools.

How to rule business using Fundaria's tools?
Fundaria is intended to be advanced platform to support business activity for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs. There you will see all-sides scrolling working area where figures which symbolize core entities are located: pool, funds, projects and tasks. Project leaders and managers will be able to plan future activity, define costs and distribute finance pool to needed directions, post projects which related to business goals and link tasks to those projects. As project manager you will be able:
+ Assign tasks to performers, do fine tuning of task performance shedule, designate resources or effects which task should outputs, estimate performing of the task, pause and stop of the task performing, see gantt charts of filtered tasks related to defined performer or project, see documents attached to task as proofs of successfull preforming and do many other usefull things to manage tasks performing;
+ Create and manage funds which serve as sources of finances to projects and tasks grouped by theme, give rights to manage some or all funds to your accountant;
+ Create entries for arriving and departing assets, store them on sortable lists and even assign tiny pretty icons to them;
+ Create projects, define deadline, requirements and risks, see all related tasks and statistical data;
+ Communicate with advanced chat-rooms on every fund, task and project; share specific messages from chat for everyone or for some teammembers;
+ Get warned about various events related to your role in the Project, be warned when task you assigned to is going to start, warn manager about signs of some risk becomes real;
+ See varied statistics on all activities; estimate other teammembers; offer innovative and actual solutions and vote for them; offer your view of how funds should be distributed; vote of what share of profit to pay as dividends.
How many usefull features will be implemented in Fundaria? It depends on how much investment will be attracted for it growth.

How to deal with government?
There are simple rules how to calmly integrate digital currencies into the business and not disturb gov.:
+ Book your company in traditional registry;
+ Show finacial reports on time;
+ Pay all needed taxes.
If your company will grow significantly - you can issue traditional shares and can save part of them - which are corresponding to issued digital tokens - in to your storage and go ahead work with your tokens and paying dividends to their holders. Reputation is akin to an asset.

Demo video?

What's next?
I want do following steps for Fundaria developing:
+ Show presentation to as many people as available. I want to target this only to those who can be interested;
+ Collect investment intentions;
+ Create plan of Fundaria development using its tools and show it to public;
+ Carry out Fundaria Ethereum tokens crowdsale;
+ Start working according to the plan and resources.

I invite to discuss and to share thoughts and advices, help to reveal risks, to show investment intents and to support Fundaria with your attention and join development team if you are really interesting and have strong intention to facilitate development of such project.
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