[Unofficial] Meteor DApp Boilerplate (built with Bootstrap and Font-Awesome)

SilentCiceroSilentCicero Toronto, CAMember Posts: 159 ✭✭✭
I needed a Meteor boilerplate that was both Bootstrap focused and Ethereum ready. So I put together a hybrid boilerplate that uses Differential's meteor-boilerplate as a base and the coding style and logic of Ethereum's official meteor-dapp-wallet.

I've also added some basic components that feature the balance and multiply contract examples featured in Ethereum.js. Note, that this boilerplate is in its alpha stages and is subject to change slightly in the coming days/months as the Ethereum clients progress.

If your not totally set on making your DApp with Bootstrap, than you should checkout the Ethereum DApp-Styles package (presently under development).

You can check out the boilerplate here:

All The Best, SC


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