Can you run a 6GPU rig on a 1000W power supply.

GolfmadGolfmad Member Posts: 34
I am looking for a PSU to power 6 GPU RX 570 Nitro+. Out of the box without any modding could you run this number of GPUs on 1000w or would it be better to go for 1200w?

The reason I ask is because 1200w PSU are currently quite hard to get hold of at a decent price.



  • ResonanceResonance Member Posts: 57
    Probably not safely or with stability. EVGA G2 1300 are available at NewEgg for $350. You could also run 2 PSUs using a server PSU, like HP, for the risers and/or cards. The main PSU can power the board, fans, cards... If I were spending $350, however, I would just step up to the EVGA T2 Titanium 1600 for just $80 more. That should be almost future proof. They can also be used for Antminer T9, so that helps with resale if needed.
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