Planned ethereum miner setup.

psych0hanspsych0hans Member Posts: 1
Hi guys, I'm planning on building a new ethereum mining rig very soon and looking at the following hardware. Would really love your opinions on the same and if the RX 480s are worth the extra dough. Would this be good for Monero and other currency mining as well? I'm based out of India, so the prices are a little higher than US prices.

1) ASROCK MOTHERBOARD H81 PRO BTC-------------------------- $150
2) INTEL CELRON PROCESSOR------------------------------------ $43
3) 8 GB DDR3------------------------------------------------- $64
4) 120 GB SSD ------------------------------------------------ $56
5) CORSAIR AX1200i SMPS-------------------------------------- $360
6) POWER BUTTON--------------------------------------------- $8
7) RX 470 8GB SAPPHIRE / RX 480 8GB SAPHHIRE------------------ $289(1734) /$315(1890)

Total -------------------------------------------------------- $2415/$2571


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