Possible Sia Problem using Claymore for dual Ether and Sia

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I am fairly new to mining and am using my 2 GTX 1070's I had in my gaming rig until the RX 580's I ordered come in.

Using MSI Afterburner I am at 65% power and +675 memory overclock with a stable Mh/s of in the 30.XX for Ether and mirroring in the 300's for Siacoin. Example: My readout will be Ether:30.45mh/s; Sia 348mh/s.

Using Claymore I am using the ethermine.org pool and the sia.nanopool pools. My ether page shows a fairly steady progression with its ups and downs as expected, however my Nanopool shows complete stops in hashrate while Claymore doesnt show any stopping. Looking around at screenshots of others nanopool pages they look fairly steady with the minor fluctuations like on etherminer while mine looks like this.

Is this normal or do I have a problem somewhere and how do I fix it?

Thanks for any help or clarification on this guys.


  • ResonanceResonance Member Posts: 57
    My 1070 rig does not do well dual mining SIA, even if ETH and SIA are both on Nano. I'm personally better off mining ETH on ethermine and buying SIA with the better production.
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