Why not put 6/8pin directly into GPU?

h2gvakah2gvaka Member Posts: 2
Noob question,

Why do you not put 6/8pin directly into GPU even if it's on powered riser? And how you go if you have 8pin card when all risers are with 6pin connector?



  • FriendlyFriendly CanuckistanMember Posts: 31
    it's due to PSU's not having that many 6/8 pin connectors. they do have multiple 4 pin molex and/or SATA power though, so they boosted efficiency by creating converter cables.

    same story for the 8 pin. you can get a 6 to 8 pin adapter/converter cable or one's that take 2x 4 pin molex and create a single 8 pin connector. :)
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